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GrillFloss is the ultimate BBQ grill cleaning tool, bar none.

GrillFloss is the only BBQ grill cleaning tool that can reach around and clean all sides of each grill grates, scraping off caked on grease with an easy Push, Turn, and Pull.

GrillFloss is safer than any BBQ grill brush. Unlike a wire grill brush with dangerous bristles that can rub off and get into your food, the uniquely designed GrillFloss cleaning head wraps around each grill rod, scraping it clean all around. 

GrillFloss is a must-have tool for every grill enthusiast who takes pride in cooking over a clean grilling surface. Go ahead, toss out your old wire brush and floss your grill today!

GrillFloss Dual-Sized Cleaning Head

If you own any of these premium grills,
why would you ever clean it with just a cheap wire brush?

GrillFloss will work on these premium grill brands or any BBQ with stainless steel round grill grates.

GrillFloss cleans FireMagic grills, Lynx grills, Viking grills, DCS grills, Weber Summit series grills, Weber Genesis series grills, Barbeques Galore grills, Jenn-Air grills, Napoleon grills, Ducane grills, Dynasty grills, Alfresco grills, RCS grills, Kalamazoo grills, Lion Premium grills, PGS grills, Nexgrill grills, Alturi grills, Kenmore Elite grills, Luxor grills, Blaze grills, Bull grills, Beef Eater grills, Twin Eagles grills, KitchenAid grills, American Outdoor grills, Summerset Professional grills, MHP Outdoor grills, Turbo grills by Barbeques Galore, Turbo Elite grills by Barbeques Galore, Grand Turbo grills by Barbecues Galore and other branded grills with stainless steel round grill grates.


If GrillFloss fails to out perform your old brush in 90 days, we will refund you 100% of your money back AND send you a grill brush absolutely FREE!


Upgrade your BBQ game and change how you clean your grill today.


“Now that’s a great idea!”


“GrillFloss leaves the grates looking clean and your grill ready for another round of barbecuing.”


“Sleek and utilitarian.”

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