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Dangers Caused by Grill Wire Brush
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GrillFloss wraps around each grill rod and cleans where brushes can't

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GrillFloss - Ultimate Grill Cleaning Tool
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GrillFloss Includes Dual Sized Cleaning Head? for small and large round grill grates.
22" long, stainless steel

GrillFloss - Ultimate Grill Cleaning Tool
+ Spare Replacement Cleaning Head Save $3.00
FREE Shipping!
GrillFloss Includes GrillFloss and a spare Replacement Cleaning Head
( You save $3.00 )

Replacement Dual Sized Cleaning Head™
GrillFloss Smaller opening is for 5/16" diameter grill rods and larger opening is for 3/8" rods. Stainless steel.
FREE Shipping!

GrillFloss Buddy Special - Save $5.00
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GrillFloss Give the gift of a clean grill to a friend.
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The dirty secret
grill brush manufacturers
hope you never find out

Why doesn't the brush work?

Have you ever noticed that after you give your grill a good brushing, the grates still have chunks of grease stuck on it? This is the same no matter what brush you use, the standard plastic handle brass bristle type or one of those fancy motorized jobs that shoot out water, they all leave your grill top short of clean. Here's the simple truth: Because a brush can only reach the top of your grill, it will always leave a wicked amount of grill gunk on the bottom and sides that will get cooked into your next meal.

Also consider this. Every time you brush, burnt food comes off your grill top and onto the bristles, where it stays for the life of the brush. Now that same brush with caked on grease is suppose to clean your grill? You wouldn't brush your teeth with a dirty tooth brush, so why would you on the cooking surface you're about to eat off of?

How GrillFloss solves your dirty grill problem

So what can you do about those hard to reach spots that your brush can't reach? You take the advice of your dentist-- you floss. Like dental floss for your grill, GrillFloss wraps around each grill rod shaving away baked on "plaque" from all sides, where your brush can't reach.

When you floss your grill, watch as strips of charred debris fall away from each grill rod like the business end of a cheese grater on a block of cheddar. Simply wipe away any remaining grease build up on the GrillFloss scraper blade with a napkin and you're ready for the next round of grill cleaning. Try doing that with a brush!

Because brushing is not enough

So now you understand why the brush fundamentally doesn't clean. Do the brush makers know this? You bet. They also know that your grill cleaning options are limited. So by keeping their brush prices down, you will not think twice and keep replacing brush after brush as they wear out. How else do you think these big manufacturers stay in business selling three dollar grill brushes in the millions each year?

GrillFloss users are immune to this money trap. Because GrillFloss is made entirely of 304 grade stainless steel, it will outlast any brush on the market. This means no more accidental meltdowns from the plastic brush hanging off your hot grill. And unlike the brush, GrillFloss has no bristles to wear down either; simply wipe off the scraper blade regularly and your GrillFloss will clean for years to come.

Grill cleaning sucks, GrillFloss makes it easy

Let's face it, we love to grill but hate to clean. We know we have to do it, to keep the grill looking new and a dirty rusty grill is just disgusting. But that still doesn't change the fact that scrubbing with a brush is at best a dirty job, and at worst a royal pain in the ass.

Good news, GrillFloss changes all that. With a simple push-turn-pull, GrillFloss gracefully scrapes clean both the top and bottom of your grill without ever having to flip the grates over, much less even touch the greasy things.

So if you have a dirty grill problem and your grill brush just ain't cutting it, you're in the right place. No fancy water sprayers or moving parts here, just good design that simply works. Add GrillFloss to your arsenal today and redefine grill cleaning and your overall grilling experience like thousands of happy grillers before you have.

100% Risk Free Guarantee - Order Now!

Still not convinced GrillFloss is for you? Order yours right now and we will guarantee that if GrillFloss does not out perform your old brush in 90 days, we will buy back your dirty GrillFloss for whatever you paid for it and send you a grill brush absolutely FREE!

You will not find this offer anywhere else nor will you see this amazing cleaning tool in the brush section of your local barbecue store. As an added bonus, if you order your GrillFloss right now, we will upgrade your order to priority shipping at no extra cost. Place your order now and enjoy a clean grill to cook on by the weekend.

"Sleek and Utilitarian"

"Now that's a great idea!"

"GrillFloss leaves the grates looking
clean and your grill ready for
another round of barbecuing."

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"The Grillfloss is very easy to use. It does a thorough job, is well worth the price, and is simple to clean. My husband is the 'Grill Master' at our house and he does not hesitate using the Grillfloss, and I am confident with the results."

Stacie Ritchey - Wiggins, Colorado

"Since I only cook on the top surface of the grill grates, I never gave much thought to the build up on the sides and bottoms. However this item arrived just before a cookout. After a good cleaning I realized how this improved the esthetics ? real important part of any meal. Easy to use, Sturdy, Does an excellent job, Elegantly simple."

Bob Weber - Purceville, Virginia

"The Grillfloss provides an efficient and easy way to clean charred grills ? a job which can otherwise be very tedious. Our grilling days have become much less burdensome. The Grillfloss is slim and lightweight and it's handy hanging cord allows it to be stored on the side of the grill. A great addition to summer cookware!!"

Evelyn Montebello - Sarver, Pennsylvania

"This was an exciting product because it made cleaning the grill so easy. The Grillfloss not only cleaned burned on particles off easily but it easily adjusted to fit various size grill grates. Also a feature I loved about the Grillfloss was that the cleaning tip could be used as a safe but handy tool for lifting a hot grate."

Linda Schafer - Lewisville, Texas

"The Grillfloss tool is the best. Since there is no bristles to collect grease, it is a snap to clean. This is the most efficient grill-cleaning tool I have ever used."

Veona Prince - Fort Pierre, South Dakota

"We always used that regular grill brush to clean our grill. Using this product we were able to clean the build up of cluppings on the underside of the grate. Once you try this product you just say wow I never thought about doing that. It does take a little longer to clean the grill, but well worth the effort."

Chris Sikorski - Granger, Indiana

"Very easy to use and effective. We forgot to clean our grill the last time we used it and it was a mess? it was a breeze to clean with this tool! It is simple to use and is the right length form our hand being burned."

Debbie McGlynn - Lake Worth, Florida

"I have tried many products to clean grill grids. After a few used that have to be replaced. Not with the Grillfloss! It just works!! "

Alan Johnson - Farmington, New Mexico

"Itches the spot on the grill that you just couldn't reach otherwise."

Linda Cline - Rochester, New York

"We BBQ about 3 times a week here. The brush my husband uses does not do good job and sometimes the little bristles come off. I was very satisfied with the cleaning capabilities of the Grillfloss."

Michele Hall - Van Nuys, California

"Lightweight and easy to handle. Able to clean grate effectively. This tool can be used over and over unlike steel brushes that need to be replaced. Liked how I could clean between grates."

Marlene Gravat - Saint Louis, Missouri

"The product was very effective at removing harden material on the grill. It was able to get in that hard to reach area between the rungs. Unlike other products we have tred the Grillfloss will be long lasting requiring little effort to maintain."

Beth Bradley - Jacksonville, Florida

"Grease, corrosion & rust came off easily. Grates looked new again. Shaped to fit size of grill."

Carol Buice - Torrington, Connecticut

"The Grillfloss worked great. I was able to clean under the round rungs of my grill, something I wasn't able to do before using the Grillfloss. I would recommend the product."

Bob Pipe - Ashland, Massachusetts

"My children couldn?t sing its praises high enough. Easy and effective, it works easily."

Christine Lauber - South Bend, Indiana

"I would highly recommend this product for cleaning grill grates. It easily removes burnt on food with simple push-pull strokes and out performs any grill cleaning brush. Make of strong quality stainless steel. Superior cleaning! Believe it or not my husband enjoys cleaning the grill ? can?t get over how easy it is."

Lemore Moye - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone that has round grill grates. I prefer using this to a brush. Food is easy to clean off and takes less time. The brushes get matted and worn. This tool will out last a brush. You also can?t clean brushes, but you can clean this. I love it! The product does what it claims."

Julie Muldoon - Ayer, Massachusetts

"It gets into the tight areas a regular brush cannot clean."

Karen Hermann - Milford, Deleware

"Unlike a grill brush, the Grillfloss cleans both the tops and bottoms of the grill bars. After cleaning the grill, the Grillfloss can be wiped clean with a napkin, Try that with a grill brush! Removing gunk from a grill brush is next to impossible. Remove it from Grillfloss with a quick wipe."

Donald Keefer - Luthvle Timon, Maryland

"I am an avid griller and cleaning my grate with wire brushes and pads was a real pain and not very effective. I saw an ad for the GrillFloss tool and decided to try it out. It worked exactly as advertised and removed built up grime from all around my cooking grid with ease. This is a must have tool for every BBQ."

Joe - Smithsburg, Maryland

"The GrillFloss is as important to have as a spatula and tongs when grilling. The beautiful thing about it is that it not only perfectly cleans the grill on top but it also cleans the drips and gunk off the bottom of the grilling surface so that you don't taste what you cooked last time. Plus, it is going to last a long time...not like those wire brush type cleaners. I use it every time I grill and it still works like the first time I used it."

David Johnston - Palos Verdes, California

"The GrillFloss is like taking your grill to the dentist, a necessary requirement for a clean and healthy grill that will last a long time. I use the GrillFloss in conjunction with my BBQ grill brush. It works great especially on my Napoleon BBQ Wave Grills."

Ted Reader King of the Q - Ontario, Canada

"I grill out about four times a week and have always used a brush to clean my grill. Unlike a brush, though, GrillFloss is made from stainless steel and is very durable. It does a good job cleaning my grill and keeps it looking like new. Not only did this product work well, but it's very easy to use and cleans up in a snap. I find the tool works best if I use it when the grill is hot."

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